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  • Learn to log to a centralized Model Registry

    Master the process of logging and managing models in a centralized registry, allowing for an organized and efficient model management workflow.

  • Master model management

    Gain hands-on experience in accessing, evaluating, and automating downstream processes of models, aiding in robust model deployment and monitoring.

  • Develop reporting techniques

    Learn to build dynamic, auto-updating reports showcasing model evaluation and automation processes, enabling clear communication with stakeholders.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the course

    2. Logging and Registering Models in Weights & Biases

    3. Automated Model Evaluation and Reporting in Weights & Biases

    1. Project Assignment

    2. Conclusion

About this course

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  • 5 lessons
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Ken Lee

Success Machine Learning Engineer

Ken Lee is a Success Machine Learning Engineer at Weights & Biases, helping customers implement ML Ops best practices. He works with ML teams across industries, from burgeoning start-ups to large enterprises. Previously he has worked as a consultant, data engineer, and data scientist.

Recommended prerequisites

  • Basic knowledge of machine learning

  • Familiarity with Python programming

Learn Model Management Best Practices